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Hi everyone,
Welcome to our next review, this time we chose game called: Odd rocket.

Odd rocket is a quite new android Arcade game, developed by Accel Mobile Technologies, Inc.
Unlike other games we have reviewed so far, this game has quite big base of players (about 1000 - 5000) downloads.

In this game, you select one of the rockets (at the beginning, only one, called Apollo 34 is available) and your goal is to go up through deep space as far as possible. But it is not as simple as it seems, because during your journey, you have to avoid all obstacles, otherwise you lost the game.

Odd rocket - android game review

During the game, you get score, which you can use to buy a new rocket. The map or the terrain is randomly generated each round, some of them are easier, some of them are very hard even at the beginning of the round. For me, the game was quite difficult, at least for the first few games, I had problem even to get the second rocket :D You can also share your score or watch replays.

Odd rocket review

Graphically, the game looks very beautiful to me, I really like this style of graphics.

The game is really good - addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, but what I would appreciate and what would be good, is better transition between difficulties, depending on the score.

If you enjoy this kind of addictive games or if you are just looking for some game ideal for casual gaming, then the game is right for you and is worth a try.

More on this game (including Download link), you can find Here.

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  • Addictive gameplay
  • Nice graphics
  • Free to play
  • Annoying video ads
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