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Hi everyone,
Welcome to our next review. After more than one week from the last review, we decided to choose one of the newest games here on Freeappin - Drop Numbers. Drop Numbers - a logical or also puzzle game.

Drop Numbers menu

The game is based on or at least I found a little bit of original tetris gameplay in it. So basically as everybody knows from tetris, there is some grid of "objects" (in this case "disks") which takes upwards and when any of them touches the top, you lose.

Drop Numbers Gameplay
But thats not all ! The game is not just a tetris modification, but on the contrary it is entirely new and different game with only the similar underlying gameplay. The game is enriched with many new features and game aspects (e.g. locked disks), so you have to think more during the game. And since you are not under time pressure, you can be more tactic.

Drop Numbers Tetris Like Gameplay

What I have to say, is that I was very confused for a first few games. The disks were exploding, score went up and I did not know what's going on. But after a couple of games and reading "how to play" :D I get into it and started to enjoy it.

Graphically the game is simple but appealing and without any cumbersome, wasted or performance expensive effects.

If you enjoy puzzle games or if you enjoyed a tetris, then the game is right for you and is worth a try.

More on this game (including Download link), you can find Here.

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  • Simply and pleasant graphics
  • Free
  • Stable and optimized performance
  • No popup ads
  • Not 100% original
  • Confusing for beginners
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