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After our first review, we received several requests to review some app. Finally we chose one of the first games here on FreeAppIn : Ateroyd
Ateroyd - overview
Ateroyd is the game which is also as the first reviewed game Bunny Flap certainly inspired by Flappy Bird.
But unlike with Bunny Flap, this game brings a lot more features and innovations. You can find here some kind of "store" where you can buy some Items (for game points, not for money), there is also several new gameplay elements like guns, rockets, point boosters etc ..
Another feature are Difficulties, you can choose from Three.

Ateroyd - overview
Ateroyd - overview

The gameplay is well optimized, I have not noticed any lags or any other kind of unpleasant effects (Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300). Another plus is that the game is free and I have not even noticed any Ads which is really unusual in the world of free apps where a lot of ads is poping-up and sometimes slows whole game.

But depsite all the positives, I have to put one star less, the game itself is in my opinion very nicely done but it is AGAIN based on Flappy Bird gameplay ... I am not saying that all Flappy-like games are bad, but I think that a lot of people are simply overloaded of those game, because there is TOO MUCH of Flappy-like games ... viz. our first Bunny Review 
But that is only my subjective opinion, the game is still very nice :)

More on this game (including Download link), you can find Here.

All images in this review were taken from Google Play.

  • No adds
  • Amazing graphics
  • Nice UI
  • Stable and optimized performance
  • Free
  • Flappy - like
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