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For the first review I chose one of newer games here on FreeAppIn - Bunny Flap : Eat The Carrots.
The game itself is very similar to well-known Flappy Bird. But it's not just a cheap copy, there are a few differences, such as new features which makes game more difficult.

Bunny Flap - feature 1

What I really appreciate is that the game is smooth, without any lags (on Galaxy S3 i9300) and the graphics is nice & cute.

On the other hand, the game lacks a little of originality and those pop-up ads are quite annoying, but that's a cost for a free game. I also found that following button does not work (at least not for me).

Bunny Flap - does not work

When I summarize it all, the game is quite good for some short-term fun, if you have a few minutes off and you want something to play, this game might be right for you, but if you're sick of the whole "Flappy Bird era", better try something else.

More on this game (including Download link), you can find Here.

All images in this review were taken from Google Play.

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Free
  • Smooth & no lags
  • Not much original - Flappy Bird
  • Pop-up ads
  • Automatic translation on Google Play
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