General updates:

  • App editing fixed
  • Urls of non-android apps/games fixed
  • Added two new categories - iOS games & iOS applications
Admin 2015-07-13

Dear users,

After a long time we finished changes and updates to our site ‑

The most significant changes include:

If you became a subscriber, you will be notified, when someone rate/comment your applications, games, websites or other stuff.
You can subscribe Here.

New categories
We changed an original concept little bit and instead of having android apps/games only, we added some new categories. Now you can share your websites, desktop applications and other stuff too !

Last, but not least are Reviews, reviews are analogy of user reviews, but are written by moderators/admins, so they are "cleaner" and could be more relevant.

Welcome on the place where you can share and promote your apps !
Please share this website and support the growth of our community.
If you have any suggestions, ideas which we can improve our site, or if you find some errors/bugs, please feel free to contact us here.
Admin 2015-05-23