Android Game: Bounce Up

Bounce is a great addictive game for people of all ages.Jump from the earth's core to space :-) Control your ball to jump as high as you can, collect various bonusses.

Category: Casual | Views: 681 | Reviews: 3 | Added: 2015-02-28

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App features

  • bounce
  • addictive
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Latest 10 comments

2015-06-16 18:56:48: My roommate in coeglle made a mixed tape at one point withthe same general theme he picked out some of the best song, and let them play JUST to the point where the chrous would kick in. Then BAM, the next song would start. It was simulataneously the most fun and most frustrating thing we ever listened to. There were a ton of great songs, but everytime you'd start getting into a song, it would be gone, replaced by another song that you had to start getting into. A musical tease tape.

2015-02-28 09:00:16: Very nice, will try!