Android Game: World Continents With Capitals

This game includes the capitals of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. There are 6 levels, you need to unlock 5, because the first level is unlocked and contains all capitals and the next levels are the following: Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. To unlock the next levels you must reach 100 points and above. You have 40 seconds and 3 health potions on each level. If you want to learn first, you can select of the continents to learn the country capitals.

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  • game play, learn, continents, unlock levels
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2015-06-18 09:14:16: Not usually one to leave<a href=""> olnine</a> comments but Stack the Countries is amazing. My four-year-old has become a geography whiz from this game. He has learned the countries, the flags, and has used his love of Stack the Countries to expand his interests in the world, asking about the governments of the countries, the languages they speak. Totally unbelievable. Thank you. I just wish that it was available on Kindle. Now he keeps stealing my iphone to play and I really wish he could play on his Kindle Fire instead. Thank you for an awesome product

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