Android Game: Numbles

In Numbles you have to move the tiles into the right order. Sounds easy? Haha. Numbles is a fun, simple and addictive puzzle game. And it's free! Your aim is to align the numbers in ascending order, from 1 to the highest. To do this, you have to use different techniques and logic moves. But don't forget the time: If you take too long, the game is over. If you do it fast enough, you will get more time. With every third level the field grows, and it becomes more difficult. But the score reward gets higher and higher too, and your brain will love this fun workout anyway! If you think you're good enough, try competing in the ranked game mode. There, you can submit your score on a global leaderboard and compare your highscore with your friends or challenge them to beat you (what they never will).

Category: Puzzle | Views: 777 | Reviews: 8 | Added: 2015-03-05

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App features

  • FREE to play addictive puzzle game!
  • Online leaderboard system to compete with friends!
  • Hours of fascinating fun!
  • Play with friends or family to show off your amazing thinking skills!
  • 2 different fun game modes!
  • Workout your brain with tricky levels!
  • Infinite number of free logic puzzles!
  • Puzzle your way to the global #1!
  • Train your brain with logic thinking!
  • Tablet supported!
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Latest 10 comments

2015-03-05 18:57:55: I really love this game! It's so addictive, and really unique, not some standard boring puzzle game. My friends love it too, maybe this will become the next hyped #1 game?