Android Game: Police Action on Underworld

Step into the action as the best FPS Police Battle shooter games. You'll have to defeat many fighters from the city,that attack on the city,occupied the buildings and kill the civilians and innocent people, to lift you to the title of world champion in the form of battle Fighter, but beware not be a bed of roses , you have to find the weak point and study the beating frequencies using each of your opponents.Select suitable location as sniping position. Take cove. Features include: * Responsive fighting system * Intense game play and visuals * Jump into apocalyptic warfare totally for free in this Police war shooter game.

Category: Action | Views: 1382 | Reviews: 2 | Added: 2015-05-07

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App features

  • Sharp controls
  • beautiful graphics
  • It plays as good
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2015-06-17 12:49:25: Actually, if it wasn't for the fact that Kate is in the films, I wouldn't have begun to watch them, PERIOD! I'm not a big varmipe fan, so I don't watch them for that. She's a great actress, one of the best out there, and her physical appearance is that of classic beauty, which is, unfortunately, largely missing in Hollywood. I mean really? Julia Roberts is considered gorgeous? If Julia's gorgeous, Kate is the most beautiful woman in the world. Actually, Kate IS the most beautiful, but Julia is not very attractive. But I'm digressing. If the original poster doesn't like Kate, why bother commenting? Sounds rather pathetic, just like what the OP probably is. A great bore at a lively party, I'm sure. BTW, Rhona Mitra sucked in Underworld 3. They should have gotten someone who was at least somewhat attractive. Glad they killed off her character. Underworld sux without Kate, no pun intended. If Kate wasn't in the 4 installment, I wouldn't be watching. Slap across the face to the OP, since I DO watch these movies because of Kate, as well as everything else she's in.

2015-05-07 09:01:32: Police encounter is funny. Game is Ok ! but I think that you can make it more better in next version !!!