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Know what's happening around you directly from your community! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Know what's happening anywhere and let others know what’s happening around you, with Qurb the location-based social networking app. With Qurb you don't follow people, you follow locations. Qurb puts your favorite spots on your timeline! DISCOVER WHAT’S HAPPENING AROUND YOU With Qurb now you can easily find locations that have a lot of announcements in your city, country or anywhere around the world. Discover fun things to do, locate restaurants nearby, coffee shops, pubs, find out about the hottest events and happenings in your area or anywhere in the world. Whether you want to find nearby places or to pinpoint your favorite spots, Qurb is here for you! Receive recent announcements from around you wherever you go, put your favorite spots on your timeline and be spontaneous!

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App features

  • -Know what's happening around you
  • -Find nearby places or anywhere in the world
  • -Instantly receive notifications & announcements
  • -Follow locations, not people
  • -Discover Qurb hotspots
  • -Make announcements
  • -Share your favorite spots
  • -Promote your social media profile
  • -Completely FREE to use

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