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Are you looking for an app that allows students to construct molecules in VR and AR? Virtual space LLC has created an educational tool to build and manipulate molecular models of chemical compounds in virtual and augmented reality environment. In the app, all molecules are represented and assembled as 3D objects to learn more and deeper about atoms and bonds in easy and entertaining way - virtual reality. Augmented reality feature of the app additionally serves as a very efficient way to make connections from the abstract to the real world. AR VR Molecules Editor is designed for high school or college students taking chemistry courses. The augmented reality feature can easily be performed in class by printing special in-app markers with text representation of molecular compounds. Students can view 3D molecules models of the compounds right in front of the markers in AR, allowing them to easily comprehend the structure of molecules and atomic bonds.

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App features

  • Building molecule models of any organic or inorganic compound using most of periodic table elements
  • Support of single, double and triple bonds.
  • Building molecule models of cyclic compounds.
  • Visualization of Wireframe style, Stick style, Ball and Stick, Spacefill (CPK) models.
  • Augmented reality interface (AR) for visualizing molecular structures.
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