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I'm a mobile developer and recently released my second Android app, "Kara! Simple Color Checkbook" "Simple Checkbook!" aims to simplify the checkbook keeping process by using colors and minimal button presses, without compromising organization quality. -A simple checkbook to track your withdrawals and deposits quickly, consistently, and efficiently. -Use colors to classify certain checkbook transactions, for example: groceries, taxes, or rent. -Graph in a simple color line plot. -View breakdown in a simple pie chart. -View entries as most recent first or oldest first. -Automatic running balance. -Associate a label with each color to further detail your transactions. -Toggle check boxes to confirm deposits and withdrawals. -Instantly swap color entries with the color swap tool. -Email your data as a .csv file to yourself.

Category: Finance | Views: 641 | Reviews: 3 | Added: 2015-04-20

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App features

  • simple
  • user-friendly
  • effortless
  • casual
  • no account/password required
  • running balance
  • running totals
  • pie chart breakdown
  • export data via email
  • budget tools
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Latest 10 comments

2015-06-18 09:09:03: If I withdraw $150,000 from my IRA in New York state,(60 years old), do I have to pay<a href=""> fdreeal</a> and state tax?If so, how much would the taxes be on income of approx. $120,000. Thank you

2015-06-16 14:53:55: My dad died May of 2011. My mother is the beircnfiaey of his IRA. What happens if my mom wants to close out his IRA and put the funds in her saving account? Will she get a penalty even if it is a death distribution?

2015-04-20 01:54:18: This app is worth your time and money. For $0.99, the cheapest store listing possible on Google Play, you are getting: Ledger with running balance, a running balance line plot, a pie chart of withdrawals and spending, time-range selection of said charts, and tools to edit color and date of entries.