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Roo Kids is a safe & fun instant messaging app for kids with minimum yet critical parental controls. It is often referred to as a ‘Whatsapp for Kids’ with safety features. It is available on iPad, iPhone and recently launched on Android. Parents want kids to explore, learn and master the digital world. But, the important concerns that parents have are: * Strangers reaching out to their kids online, and * Kids getting distracted during homework time or sleep time. "We believe that it is good for kids to experience a restricted app such as Roo Kids before moving into social networking sites, which provide less safety", added Dinker Charak, founder.

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App features

  • Parent can set bad word filter. If a bad word is used, the app will show *** instead
  • Parents can setup curfew hours during which live chat will not work
  • When no friends are online, kids can chat with canned-response chatbots like Echo, Puzzle, etc. Puzz
  • Kids can chat, send doodle, share pictures with friends
  • Parents can inspect or act on kid's friend list via the Parental Settings section of app
  • Parents are notified each time a new contact is added. They can reject or block the friend
  • Messages are exchanged over SSL
  • No ads in the app
  • Reporting abuse
  • The app is highly optimized for iPad and iPhone
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2015-06-17 11:26:34: I just want to wrap my arms around you and give you a great big hug. I can't imignae how hard this must be for you. People, like myself, who haven't had to deal with a tragedy like you and Match have just can't understand what it must feel like. When your friends say insensitive things to you like we weren't even trying', I'm sure they don't realize how it must sound to you. Through blogging and reading stories like yours I've learned a lot. I would hope that it's made me more conscious of what I say around friends who've lost their children, because before I'm sure I would have been one of the clueless ones.When you are a mother (and I know it WILL happen for you) you will have a perspective that will make you appreciate everything even more. When you get tired and cranky because you haven't slept in a week or three, you won't need someone to slap you on the back of the head and tell you to be grateful for the precious gift you've been given. You'll already know.

2015-04-14 12:15:31: Bad

2015-04-13 20:45:52: Best Kids chatting app. Hope you guys like it enough to talk about it!