Android Game: Tricky Maths

This application is a combination of puzzles and education. This app has a collection of more than a dozen games, which can improve your speed of calculation and also help in keeping your brain sharp and fit. Apart from that, it has many lessons on maths tricks and shortcuts, which can again improve your maths talent. With these you can amaze your friends by showing that how faster you can do maths calculation and how fast your brain works. Currently it has following 15 brainy Games 1. Brain Twister 2. True or False 3. Make the order!! 4. Odd one out 5. Match Maker 6. Memory Game 7. Percentages 8. More or Less!! 9. Survival 10. Find a question? 11. Speed-o-racy 12. Series, and 13. Easy Mode: Easy questions related to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 14. Normal Mode: relatively difficult questions relating to numerous operations like squares, square roots, cubes etc. 15. Expert Mode: starts from level 4 of normal mode and includes percentages

Category: Puzzle | Views: 692 | Reviews: 9 | Added: 2015-03-02

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App features

  • 15 math games
  • 100 levels in challenges
  • amazing maths lessons
  • true or false
  • brain twister
  • match maker
  • make the order
  • odd one out
  • more or less
  • free
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