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*The quickest and easiest way to find "official" information on .gov, .mil, .airforce, .navy, .army & .edu websites. *Includes a forum for interactive discussions How to use: 1. Select scrollable source on bottom (government, military, air force, navy, army, or education) 2. Enter search query on top 3. Press Magnifying glass on top right to search Functions: *Search within current page by entering desired word into search bar and long-pressing magnifying glass (top right) *Find next occurrence of "find in page" search by long-pressing magnifying glass again *Copy current URL to clipboard for easy sharing by doing a long-press on the "?" button *Copy URL of PDF, DOC, RTF, etc. to clipboard or Open in external app to share your findings with others

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  • Search and Share Interesting Information from a "Trusted" Source
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2015-03-24 18:41:37: A researchers best Friend